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Brothers and sisters in Christ! We need your help!

In 1964 members of our Church formed a corporation named “Our Church Building” (OCB) to help our Church with the purchase of the church building and assisting the Church in the process of building and improving our current church complex.

During many years the OCB worked hand by hand with us to fulfil its mission. Many of our parishioners gave money to purchase the church building, while many others worked on improvements and repairs of the church. Founders of the OCB clearly recognized that they were part of our Church and this was reflected in the OCB Bylaws in many ways, including the provision that the Church could eventually purchase this building whenever it wishes.

As time passed and generations changed, members of the OCB no longer feel that they are connected to our Church and began to follow their own agenda, even if it contradicts the beliefs, principles and interests of the Russian Orthodox Church. These actions resulted in a recent revision of their Bylaws, which don’t contain any references to our Church, the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, the money that was paid to purchase the building and our right to purchase the church building.

Furthermore, the OCB just served our church with a notice to vacate, giving us 30 days to leave the premises during the Lent…. A complete disregard to our parishioners’ spiritual needs and the peaceful celebration of the Lent.

By their actions, the OCB excluded themselves not only from our Church, but also from the Russian Orthodox Church!

Despite the challenges, we will remain part of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad by being true to our faith and faithful to our archdioceses, meaning that we will not break away from the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad under no circumstances.
Brothers and Sisters! Our Church needs your help!

This situation threatens the entire existence of our Parish!
We created a fund to collect money for legal expenses and to buy the church building back to make sure we continue to practice the Orthodox faith without any disruptions. Any amount you give is helpful and will help the Church get closer to this goal.

Please also talk to all your friends, let them know what is going on and get them involved.
Our church is the place of Christ’s living presence and where He continues His saving work through the Church. This is what we are fighting for…. So our church can remain for years to come.

Protection of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church thanks you for your help and support.

Protection of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church, a charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). Non-Profit ID: 95-2456155 Address: 2041 Argyle Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
This donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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